Athens Art Festival! The new big Art Festival in Athens, Greece invites all Artists to participate!

Athens Art Festival, the new big Festival for every Art Form, arrives on October 22-24, 2021 in Athens, Greece and invites all artists to participate!


Athens Art Festival, the new big festival for every art form in Athens, Greece, will take place om October 22-24, 2021, at Technopolis in Athens by Athens Art!
Its purpose is to highlight all art forms and our rich culture, contributing to the promotion and development of skills, so that the public will have the opportunity to get into contact a wide variety of art forms that one could take up as an amateur or even as a professional!
Its aim is to provide a united platform for artists and organizations related to artistic pursuits to meet, through the creation of a suitable environment for the acquaintance of visitors with a sufficient number of amateur and non-amateur subjects, which will define the principles in attracting and initiating young amateurs and professionals in existing occupations!


All professional artists, amateurs, schools, conservatories, groups and clubs who want to show their work and their love for art are invited to participate! Musicians, actors, photographers, dancers, artists, fashion designers, writers, poets, collectors, painters, magicians, sculptors, cinematographers, engravers, graphic designers, crafters, hairdressers, beauticians, cosplayers, model designers, graffiti artists … everyone united!
  • Music ( live, presentation of music groups, dj set )

  • Dance ( dance group demonstration )

  • Theater, Stand Up Comedy ( performances, sketches )

  • Visual Arts, Photography, Painting ( exhibition space )

  • Modeling, Book, Collections, Crafts ( exhibition space )

  • Board Games, Strategy, Games ( exhibition space )

  • Youtubers, Instagrammers meet up, live, shows )

Introduce your work to the public, inspiring them to create something of their own!

Are you an artist or do you have a business related to art and want to participate in Athens Art Festival 2021? Then send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Subject: Expression of interest for Athens Art Festival 2021
  • Your name or nickname
  • Your specialty
  • Short text with something you would like to share about your work
  • Contact phone number

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