Comic ‘N’ Play 2023! The oldest comics convention in Greece, for its 21th time, on 8-10 December in Thessaloniki, Greece!

The big Comic ‘N’ Play 2023, the oldest comics convention in Greece, returns for its 21th time! 8-10 December at Thessaloniki Port Warehouse C’!


Comic ‘N’ Play 2023, the oldest Comics convention in Greece, returns for its 21th time, on December 8-10, 2023, 10:00-22:00, at the big Warehouse C at Thessaloniki’s Port

3 days full of Comics, Board Games, Artists, Exhibitors, Workshops, Exhibitions, Shows and of course Cosplay ( 130 Cosplays last time ), with more than 4.000 unique visitors attending every year! FREE entrance!

  • Check out this year’s Artist Alley participants HERE!
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  • Find out every detail about the event at its website HERE!

Comic ‘N’ Play 2022 – Φώτο από Anime Portal

The longest-running comics convention in Greece, like every year, will be accompanied by a multitude of events for young and old, comic lovers and non-comics fans alike. Always in collaboration with the Greek Association of Friends of History & Strategy Games (E.S.F.I.P.S.) and with the popular fantasy and strategy games exhibition!

More than 20 exhibitors, an equal number of collectives, creative teams and dozens of artists, along with more than 4.000 individual visitors of this unique three-day multi-event, discovered last year inspiring ideas for gifts, books, comic books, toys and hobbies.

This year, with an even higher number of participants and having as its honored guest artist the comics creator and illustrator Petros Christoulias, Comic N’ Play has a “heroic” character and aspires to explore the idea of overcoming human nature through time. Sixty young ( and not so young ) comics creators, from different regions of Greece, document and illustrate ERAS FOR HEROES, in an attempt to capture the multiple dimensions of “big” actions and events.

Comic ‘N’ Play 2019 – 47 of 55 Cosplays and general footage – Video by Cosplayers//GR

Find out everything there is to know about Comic ‘N’ Play, the big comics & board game convention of Thessaloniki, Greece, and get to know its previous events, along with all their info, Cosplay lists, photos and videos, by reading our exclusive interview with the organizers, HERE!

Comic ‘N’ Play 2022 – Φώτο από Anime Portal

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