GameAthlon: Back to School! The ultimate gaming convention in Athens, Greece gets 3 days! October 27-29!

GameAthlon: Back to School, the huge gaming convention in Athens, Greece gets 3 days! On October 27-29, 2023 at the Tae Kwon Do Stadium!


The huge gaming convention “GameAthlon: Back to School“, the second biggest Cosplay gathering spot in Greece ( 816 Cosplays last time ), gets 3 days and continues celebrating its 10 years, at the huge  Tae Kwon Do Stadium in Athens, on October 27-29, 2023!

12,000 sq.m. full of hundreds of PCs and consoles for endless gaming, technology, VR, tournaments, board games, card games, exhibits, exhibitors, shops, artists, cosplayers, influencers, stage events, shows, contests and whatever the soul of any modern gamer and pop culture fan desires under the roof of one absolute mega event! More details once available!

GameAthlon Winter 2023 – Cosplay Parade & Cosplay Contest – Video by CowboyTV
Find out everything there is to know about GameAthlon, the huge gaming convention of Athens, Greece and get to know its previous events, as well as all it’s organizer’s other events, along with all their info, Cosplay lists, photos and videos, by reading our exclusive interview with the organizers, HERE!
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