Feeling like a superhero? Super Heroes GR are looking for volunteers & support for their philanthropic activities in Greece!

Super Heroes GR, the big Greek superhero team that gives joy to children that need it are looking for volunteers and financial support for their philanthropic activities!


For over 4,5 years, they offer smiles and joy to children who need them! One of its kind and its activities, the big Greek superhero team, Super Heroes GR!

Their philanthropic activities is what defines then! Starting with the team’s establishment on January 31, 2017, they make a difference, by continuing being by the side of children with special and all kinds of needs! Having collaborated with several foundations related to philanthropic activities, they seek to expand their work nationwide too, and be wherever there are children in need of a little joy! To reach this goal led the team to take on the form of a registered union!

That’s why they ask for your participation! Super Heroes GR are looking for volunteers from all over Greece who would like to add their own touch, making the team’s activities even more! With cosplay or without! If you think you’re the one, send your application HERE!

Moreover, to advance their activities and expand them throughout Greece even more, aiming to give joy to more children in need, it’s possible for anyone to contribute financially through donations, at the organization’s following account, at Piraeus Bank: GR89 0172 0910 0050 9110 3879 641 !

Every kind of help is valuable, with love for the children who really need it, because, let’s not forget, that everyone hides a hero inside them!

Philanthropic activities by Super Heroes GR – Video by Super Heroes GR

Visit to the Children’s Oncology Hospital “Hope” – Photo by Super Heroes GR

Visit to the Arc of the World – Photo by Super Heroes GR

Visit to Amimoni Association – Photo by Super Heroes GR

Visit to Celebral Palsy Greece – Photo by Super Heroes GR

Visit to the 1st Kallithea Special School – Photo by Super Heroes GR

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