Check out the music video clip by Masterpolypragmon Studios for the comic issue “Zombies & Mutants”!

Check the music video clip created by Masterpolypragmon Studios for the comic issue “Zombies & Mutants”!


Masterpolypragmon Studios completed another big commission of one of its clients from the USA, bringing the comic issue Zombies & Mutants by Oliver Allen and Natalia Nova to life! Check out the music video clip it created! Starring Joanna Cosplay, Dimitris Papadopoulos Photography, Elefteria_Mrvlk Cosplay και Jordi Varkas! Make up artist Colxinn!


Το Masterpolypragmon Studios states:

“The huge projects commissioned to the studio include a whole zombie movie for a major channel abroad! This particular video clip is a job for a client of his Zombies & Mutants comic issue. We were commissioned to produce a music video with obscure suspenseful scenes and rapid camerawork, according to his instructions. Our international clients are known to trust our studio, always hiring the best partners! Now that we are also producing big movies, you can naturally apply, since all the good ones are welcome.”

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