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30.11.2013 – LouKouMi Cosplay Party


DATE: 30.11.2013 | TIME: 19:00 | CITY: Athens | LOCATION: LouKouMi 
TYPE: Party | CATEGORY: Japan & Anime & Videogames | COSPLAYS: 16
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Greek Otaku Radio , Panos T. Photography , Renton. piou. piou. | ORGANISER: LouKouMi


Akali ( League of Legends ) Claire 'Lightning' Farron ( Final Fantasy XIII ) Deidara ( Naruto Shippuden ) Hiruzen Sarutobi ( Naruto ) Judge Dredd ( Judge Dredd ) Mikasa Ackerman ( Attack on Titan ) Nurse ( Silent Hill ) Shura Kirigakure ( Ao no Exorcist ) Sith Lord ( Star Wars ) Slender Man ( Slender Man ) Starkiller ( Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ) Stormtrooper ( Star Wars ) Trafalgar Law ( One Piece ) Trafalgar Law ( One Piece ) Uchiha Itachi ( Naruto Shippuden ) Zuko ( Avatar: The Last Airbender )


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