[Updated] Athens Art Festival 2022 is coming on October 21-23! Apply for the big Cosplay Contest! Free entrance for all Cosplayers!

Athens Art Festival 2022 , back for its second time, on October 21-23 at the Old Car Station OSY in Athens, Greece! Apply now for the Cosplay Contest!


Athens Art Festival 2022, the big festival for every art form in Athens, Greece, returns for its second time on October 21-23, 2022, at the Old Car Station OSY, by Athens Art!

Wander through art, photography and visual arts exhibitions, as well as many exhibitor booths! A Main Stage with an wonderful musical and theatrical schedule with surprises and activations! Artists, Cosplayers, Crafters, Instagrammers to be photographed with on the Red Carpet! And for strong riddle solvers an Escape Room in collaboration with Brainon and Escapeall giving away unique gifts to those who manage to solve the puzzles!

Buy your ticket online HERE at lower prices compared to the event’s ticket booth! Free entrance for Cosplayers wearing a complete costume, disabled persons, children up to 5 years old, press passes and influencers ( after the later ones’ application through festival.athensart.gr@gmail.com )!


Register now for the big Cosplay Contest taking place on Sunday, October 23, 17:00, and present your favorite character on stage by filling out the form HERE!
Several Cosplay Shows willalso take place during the event’s 3-day run!

Athens Art Festival 2021 – Photo by Athens Art



15.00 – Dj Pg

17.00 – Dj Sardis

18.00 – Konstantinos Ntasios | Live

19.00 – Eleni Gourzi | Live

19.40 – The Woodpeckers | Live

20.20 – Dimitris Parisis | Live

21.00 – “Caligula” by Antonis Vogiatsis | Theatrical dance performance

22.00 – Nasty Pills | Live

23.00 – Sofia Liarou | Dj Animations


13.00 – “Presenatation of Japanese Erotical Binding” by Athenshibari | Seminar

15.00 – Dj Pg

17.00 – Starwars Meet Kendo | Star Wars Hellenic Αcademy

18.00 – Meet the Power Rangers | Power Rangers/Super Sentai GR

19.00 – The FullHouse | Dance performance

19.20 – Dj Sardis

20.00 – Aggelos Archaniotakis | Live

20.30 – Vox the acappela group | Live

21.00 – “Musical Freaks: The Dark Side of Musicals” by Cia Koskina and her students

22.30 – NoName Dogs | Live


13.00 – “Basic Principles of Photography and Composition” by Christos Aggelidis | Seminar

14.00 – Breakdance by John Pavlopoulos and Ying-Yang

16.20 – “Meet Cosplay” by Lazaros Koriatopoulos | Seminar

17.00 – Cosplay Contest

18.00 – Aimilios Soares | Dj with Vinyl 

19.00 – Fantasy Choir | Fantasy choir

20.00 – Nicolas Georgakopoulos | Live

20.30 – “Erinnyes” by Maria Travlou | Short movie screening

21.00 – 40plus the Βand | Live

22.00 – Rock n’ Road | Live

22.50 – Aimilios Soares | Dj with Vinyl 


The event’s purpose is all about promoting, disseminating and developing of all art forms in general, thus contributing to the promotion and development of skills, providing the opportunity to the public to come in contact with a wide variety of art forms, that could be taken up professionally or as an amateur. The event’s objectives are the following:

  • The meeting of artists and institutions, which are related to artistic pursuits
  • The creation of a suitable environment for visitors to come into contact with a sufficient number of themes of amateur or professional nature
  • The definition of principles relative to the attraction and initiation of young amateurs and professionals into existing occupations

Athens Art Festival 2021 – Photo by Athens Art

Through the event, the public is given the opportunity to get in touch with the work of artists and get inspired by it, in order to create something on their own. The possibility also exists for schools ( IEK, drama schools, conservatories etc.) to provide their students with the opportunity to present their work, while in the meantime also promoting the overall work being done at each school, and to become widely known to a wide range of visitors.

Athens Art Festival 2021 – Photo by Athens Art

Athens Art Festival offers a physical platform for direct contact and interaction with themes related to the following themes:

  • Music ( live, presentation of music groups, dj set )
  • Photography, Painting, Graphic Design ( exhibition space )
  • Visual Arts, Modeling, Book, Collections, Crafts ( booths )
  • Board, Strategy, Games ( booths )
  • Videogames, Applications, Software ( booths )
  • Youtubers, Instagrammers, Tik-Tokers ( meet up, live, shows )

Athens Art Festival 2021 – Photo by Athens Art

Find out everything there is to know about Athens Art Festival, the big festival for every art form in Athens, Greece, and get to know its previous event, along with all its info, Cosplay list and photos, HERE!

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