Photoshop Tutorial: “300” themed Sky Replacement – Before & After ( video )

SpirosK Photography presents the “300” themed photo’s sky replacement process with Leobane Cosplay and Aokiji Cosplay as Leonidas and Xerxes in “PhEdiBits” latest episode 


The 4th season’s 8th episode ( 63rd in total ) of the Photoshop photo editing series “PhEdiBits” by SpirosK Photography is up! This time he shows us the process he followed to replace the sky in photos themed around 300 with Leobane Cosplay and Aokiji Cosplay as Leonidas and Xerxes!



Do you want to learn everything about photo editing in Photoshop? Check out the all the episodes of the “PhEdiBits” series below at SpirosK Photography‘s Youtube channel! 

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