Hundreds of Photos of Athens Art Festival 2021, the new big Art Festival in Athens, Greece!

Check out 260 photos of Athens Art Festival 2021 which took place for its 1st time on October 22-24, 2021 at Technopolis, Greece!


Athens Art Festival 2021, the new big festival for every art form in Athens, Greece, will take place for the first time on October 22-24 2021, 13:00 – 24:00, at Technopolis in Athens, in the Machine Works area, by Athens Art, in collaboration with the artistic curator Pj. Thanos, under the auspices of the City of Athens!
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Fotogames Specialists – Photo by Athens Art Festival 2021

The event supported the philanthropic organisation The Smile of the Child by hosting a bazaar and piggy banks of the organization, while celebrating together its 25 years of operation!
Lots of people attended during the three-day Art festival, exceeding 3.000 visitors, while many artists were present, honoring and proving that Art really unites! Athens Art Festival aims to give a platform and the means to artists to strengthen and disseminate their work and activities.

Cosplayers & Visitors – Photo by Athens Art Festival 2021

Cosplay is a part of Art! Cosplayers were present during the three days reaching up to 38 Cosplays!

Visitors visiting the exhibition and got acquainted with all kinds of arts, such as:

  • Visual Arts
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Sculptures
  • Comics
  • Cosplay
  • Books

Neko Fantasy – Photo by Athens Art Festival 2021

A full schedule with plenty of music and stand up comedy made up of noteworthy artists.

  • The Hellenic IT Museum, the first and official body in Greece gathering the knowledge and development in the field of informatics, was there providing retro computers & consoles related to the field of Gaming!
  • ΙΕΚ Delta was present with special surprise projects! Aesthetics and Beauty, Applied Arts and Pedagogy!
  • Ο Thodoris Eleftheriadis created horror vibes with interactive mystery games!

Cosplayers – Photo by Athens Art Festival 2021

The visual artists that participated were:

Department of Photography IIEK DELTA, Fotogames Specialists, Galiatsatou Chrysoula, Kaiserlis Ioannis, Tournaviti Eftychia, Evia Technopedia, Konstantinidis Konstantinos, Tzanaki Maria, Makris Athanasios, Zacharogianni Maria, Vaso Kanioti, Zoi Christina, Efthimiopoulou Chara, Kalapothakou Elena, Kavalati Fotini, Perrou Vasia, Zemberligou Ioanna, Hartzi Nadia, Anastasia Avioti, Marevi Denaxa, Mary Sakelariou, Je on Papageorgiou, Liarou Sofia, Kordonis Giorgos, Petridis Aristidis, Eleftheriadis Thodoris, Gialouris Nikolaos, Fragiadakis Kostas, Anvil Athes, Tsoumanis Nikolaos, Masterpolypragmon, Georgaki Chara, Chatzisavidou Sevasti, Fatouros Spyros, Kontoe Marianna, Kostaki Stella, Memlikas Andreas, Goran Gagić, Maragos Stelios, Kallinteris Vassilis, Silva, Avgeris Antonis, Kallinteris Kosmas, Fouriki Elena, Bilie Isak, Anagnostopoulou Theodora, Maniadakis Nikos, Adel Bouazza. Maria Amirtza


The artists and bands on stage were:

Konstantinos Thomopoulos, Stamatis Athanasakis, Dionysis Ziogas, Don Hoiron
George Martos
George Caney
Katerina Meliti, Vangelis Makris, Olga Makri
Dimitris Parisis
Vox the Acappella
Lynth Sord & Frantzeska
Pavlopoulos Ioannis
Kostis Papagiannis & Mary Lavranou
Dimitris Aivaliotis
Theatrical group Ampelokipoi. Directed and animated by Aphrodite Parzakoni.
Sia Koskina
Degenerate Mind
Christos Petrou
M.O.S. Maneuver On Stage Larisa
Christina Golia
Dimitris Nezis

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