[Ticket Giveaway Winners] Athens Art Festival! The new big Art Festival in Athens, Greece! 22-24 October at Technopolis!

Athens Art Festival, the new big Festival for every Art Form, arrives on October 22-24, 2021 in Athens, Greece! Check out the schedule & artists and get your ticket now! 


Athens Art Festival, the new big festival for every art form in Athens, Greece, will take place for the first time on October 22-24 2021, 13:00 – 24:00, at Technopolis in Athens, in the Machine Works area, by Athens Art, under the auspices of the City of Athens!

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Athens Art Festival aims to create a pole of attraction, a natural platform for direct contact and interaction with topics of all types of art! It’s a festival with the central goal of promoting Culture, as well as the union and promotion of Art!

Get ready for a three-day celebration wandering between galleries of paintings, photography and art, as well as sales booths of artists, but also small & medium businesses! A celebration full of concerts, theatrical performances and dj sets!

  • The Hellenic IT Museum, the first and official body in Greece gathering the knowledge and development in the field of informatics, will be there providing retro computers & consoles related to the field of Gaming!
  • ΙΕΚ Delta will also be ther with special surprise projects!
  • And Escape Rooms for … lots of mystery!
  • Eternal Radio‘s booth will be there broadcasting the festival!

Artists and groups will bring together ideas, and all kinds of interesting and artistic projects that are really worth seeing! The ideal festival in spite of the difficult times we are experiencing, marking a promising move for artistic events in Greece!

Cosplay is a part of Art! Cosplayers are of course welcome to give more vibes with their presence to the event during the three days!

The event supports the the philanthropic organisation The Smile of the Child by hosting a bazaar and piggy banks of the organization, while celebrating together its 25 years of operation!

Check out the detailed schedule of every day!


  • 17.00 – Stand up Comedy | Konstantinos Thomopoulos, Stamatis Athanasakis, Dionisis Ziogkas, Don Cheron
  • 18.00 – Chorostalites
  • 19.00 – George Martos live
  • 19.40 – George Caney live
  • 20.30 – “Movies to Musicals: Duets Concert” | Katerina Meliti, Vangelis Makris, Olga Makri
  • 21.30 – Dimitris Parisis live
  • 22.15 – Vox the acappella | The first Pop Acapella group in Greece!
  • 23.00Lynth Sord ft. Franzeska live


  • 16.30“Δεν έχω ιδέα, κλες…” Stand up Comedy | Pavlopoulos Ioannis
  • 17.00 – Choreography by Stella Pnaka
  • 18.00 – “16 YEARS!” Theatrical play by Kostis Papagiannis
  • 18.50 – Dimitris Aivaliotis live
  • 19.45 – Annie & the Masterpeace | Live band 60s , 70s era
  • 20.30Choreotheatrical Perfomance | One step or else a Vic(tim) or art. Attempt 3. Theatrical group Vast Gardens. Directing – encouragement Aphrodete Parzakoni
  • 21.00 – “THE SHOWSTOPPERS” Sia Koskina | Segment of the most important musical of all time
  • 22.00 – Sebia
  • 23.00Degenerate Mind


  • 17.00 – “No Subject“ Stand up Comedy | Chris Petrou
  • 17.45 – “DRAGOVID” M.O.S. Maneuver On Stage Larisa | Choreotheatrical group
  • 18.45 – Chorus Nova | Choir
  • 20.00 – Chrisitna Golia| Musical performance with Retro- Pop aesthetics
  • 21.00 – Dimitris Nezis live
  • 22.00 – Operatical
  • 23.00 – MayDay

Artists participating with their creations: Galiatsatou Chrysoula, Kaiserlis Ioannis, Tournaviti Eftychia, Euvoiki Technopedia, Konstantinidis Konstantinos, Tzanaki Maria, Makris Athanasios, Zacharogianni Maria, Vasso Kanioti, Zoi Christina, Karavis Alexandros, Efthymiopolou Chara , Kalapothakou Elena, Paramithioti Danae, Kavalari Fotini, Perrou Vasia, Zeberligou Ioanna, Hartzi Nadia, Konti Maroula, Anastasia Avioti, Marevi Denaxa, Mary Sakelariou, Giannis Dervisi, Christos Larissaios, Katerina Loukou, Je on papageorgiou, Vassilopoulos Apostolis, Liarou Sofia, Kordonis Giorgos, Petridis Aristidis, Eleftriadis Thodoris, Gialouris Nikolaos, Fragiadakis Kostas, Anvil Athens, Tsoumanis Nikolaos, Psalti Nikoletta, Masterpolypragmon, Georgaki Chara, Chatzisavvidou Sevasti & Fatouros Spyros, Kontoe Marianna, Kostaki Stella, Memlikas Andreas, Goran Gagić, Maragos Stelios, Kallinteris Vasilis, Siva, Avgeris Antonis, Kallinteris Kosmas, Elena Fouriki, Anagnostopoulou Theodora.

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  • 5,00€ 1 -DAY
  • 10,00€ – 3-DAYS
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