Check out the live action in game cinematic by Masterpolypragmon Studios for the upcoming videogame “Mercy Angels”!

Check one of the live action in game cinematics created by Masterpolypragmon Studios for the upcoming game “Mercy Angels”!


Masterpolypragmon Studios completed another big commission in cooperation with a big name in the USA, bringing their upcoming videogame “Mercy Angels” to life! Check out a small part of the superb live action video it created by bringing an in game cinematic to life! Dabria_tret participates as Scythe Executioner! Find all participants tagged in the corresponding video on Instagram!


Το Masterpolypragmon Studios states: “When someone mentioned that he would make Cosplay a lucrative profession in Greece, few expected he would to succeed, but furthermore reach such heights, providing continuous professional development to all participants! Masterpolypragmon Studios offers well-paid Cosplay-related jobs, either individually or through long-term partnerships. Don’t hesitate to contact us by sending a message to the studio!”

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