[Updated] Even more Photos ( plus Video ) of Comicdom Con Athens 2021’s Cosplay Contest!

Comicdom Con Athens 2021, the big comics convention in Athens, Greece has ended, but the coverage just keeps coming! Check 115 photos and video of the Cosplay Contest by SpirosK Photography!

1 VIDEO , 115 PHOTOS !

The 15th event of the big comics convention of Athens, Greece, Comicdom Con Athens has ended! On September 10-12, at the Hellenic American Union ( international exhibitions, panels, workshops and events  ) and Klafthmonos Square ( bazaar, το artists alley and self-publishers alley  ), combining due to existing conditions for the first time, the use of indoor and outdoor spaces! Details for this year’s event can be found, as soon as they are announced, on the event’s website, HERE!
The big Cosplay Contest‘s coverage still goes on! Due to the current conditions, Cosplayers participating weren’t that many this time, with only 6 Cosplays present! Enjoy 115 photos in the following Facebook albums, as  well as a video of the Cosplay Contest, by SpirosK Photography!
Comicdom Con Athens 2021 Cosplay Contest Pre-Judging – 35 photos by SpirosK Photography

Comicdom Con Athens 2021 Cosplay Contest – 80 photos by SpirosK Photography


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