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As a new big chapter in Cosplayers//GR‘s long history begins to unfold, the time has come after many years for our team to grow! We are not tired and we will never be tired of mentioning that all our work was, is  and always will be done completely on a non-profit basis, which is our badge honor and principle. So if anyone is looking for any monetary reward from the following below, you are out of luck! For those of you who are still here, we are looking for the following!


  Are you crazy about Cosplay and have something to say or show about it? Do you think you can make it take form as an article or even as a permanent column on our website? Tell us your idea and you never know! 18 years old and up required! Applications of interest from people outside Greece are also accepted!


  Every big Facebook group needs permanent and proper moderating to stay healthy and without problems! Especially when it has 6000+ members like Cosplayers//GR! Are you part of the Greek Cosplay community for a long time and you think you got what it takes to be a moderator of the Greek online Cosplay community? Previous Facebook group moderating experience will be taken into account! 18 years old minimum and speaking Greek fluently required, since our Facebook group is exclusive to Greeks only!


  Do you want to organize something, big or small, related to Cosplay in Greece? Are you looking for someone to help you in your project as a media sponsor to present it directly to the Greek Cosplay community itself? Then you are in the right place! On the other hand, do you wish to contribute to our work in any possible way? Let us talk about it! Applications of interest from people outside Greece are also accepted!


  No one ever said no to a giveaway! Especially when it targets a large audience like ours. Do you have a store or brandname that you want to advertise in the Greek Cosplay community? Write to us to arrange a giveaway! Applications of interest from people outside Greece are also accepted!

If anything of the above caught your interest, send us your message via our contact form ( here ), indicating in the field “Subject” the category you are interested in!

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