The Cosplayers//GR website is here! The A and Z of Greek Cosplay! The whole Greek Cosplay community in one place!


Welcome to the present Website by Cosplayers//GR, the one and only Greek Cosplay community! 2 years were needed in total for the creation of this website and all our media’s  relevant reorganization that had to be done, all of which already existed for up to 10 years! The website’s purpose being to be the A and Z of Greek Cosplay, where anyone can find – everything – without exception about nearly 15 years of Greek Cosplay! Or in simple words, the whole Greek Cosplay community in one place! And that’s exactly what we created! And – everything – in two languages too, Greek and English ! Something one of its kind you won’t find respectively anywhere else in any other country for any reason whatsoever as far as Cosplay is concerned, because if our “craziness” for this community had any limits all these years, we surpassed them by far centuries ago!

Only here and nowhere else you will find, in conjunction with our social media network ( Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter ), the following:

  All existing Greek events and mass outdoor photoshoots ( 609 from 2006 until today ), along with all their information, lists of Cosplays present, photos and videos!

  180.000+ photos of nearly all the events with 17.000+ Cosplays among them!

  1000+ videos of events, photoshoots and other types of content related to Greek Cosplay!

 All existing print and online articles about Greek Cosplay ( 200+ from 2006 until today )!

  The complete detailed 15 year history of Greek Cosplay in 301 bullet points!

  All official information and statistics of 15 years of Greek Cosplay!

  All Greek Cosplayer Pages and other Cosplay links!

  All Cosplay event organizers in Greece!

  All Cosplay photographers in Greece with quantity of work!

  The ultimate Greek Cosplay shopping guide!

  All upcoming Greek Cosplay events !

  Features and articles about Greek Cosplay!

  All the latest news about Greek Cosplay without exception!



Greek Cosplay isn’t something new! On the contrary, it turns 15 years old on 26 February 2021! Almost since the beginning,  unofficially and later officially, current and former members of our team, were present everywhere! Cosplayers//GR’s work defined and defines massively and in its one unique way the evolution and mass expansion of Greek Cosplay, which in any other case wouldn’t have anything to do with its current form today.  Everything done with no profit, infinite sacrifices, money, time and anything else required to get things done! 

Lots of words are useless, while actions speak for themselves. We have already mentioned the infinite and one of its kind stuff you’ll find on our website.  Besides all those, all the following are part of our work from 2007 until today, among many other things ( check out our whole work in detail here  ):

  Creation of the one and only huge Greek Cosplay community with 6000+ member, only for Greeks, which is reaching 10 years of existence soon ( Facebook Group ).

  Creation of the one and only complete  Greek Cosplay archive, with 609 events, including all information, Cosplays present and their coverage ( Website ).

  Creation of the one and only complete Greek Cosplay event coverage archive, completed by contributions by third parties, with 180.000+ photos ( Facebook Page ).

  Creation of the one and only complete Greek Cosplay video archive, completed by partial contributions by third parties, with 800+ videos. The 2nd biggest Youtube channel in the world concerning Cosplay Videos ( Youtube ).

  Coverage of 65% of all Cosplay related events and photoshoots that ever existed in Greece ( around 400 from a total of 609 ), as well as of 80% of all Greek Cosplays.

  Organization of 98 outdoor mass Cosplay photoshoots ( 74% of Greece’s total ). Among them the longest running Cosplay “tradition” ( 9 years ) in Greece, meaning all outdoor mass Cosplay photoshoots in Thessaloniki ( “Pre-‘Cosplay Party’ Photoshootings” and more ) accompanying commercial Cosplay Events for their support. As well as the biggest 1-day outdoor mass Cosplay photoshoot worldwide, during a convention in Thessaloniki.

  Official partner & media sponsor of nearly all existing Cosplay related events, small and big ones , as well as official photographers and exhibitors previously during 2007-2020 by providing Cosplay Photo / Video Booth, Cosplay Photo Albums / Galleries & Videos, Cosplay Repair Station, Cosplay Materials Showcase, Sweeptakes, Freebies and Cosplayers Luggage Storage.

  Organization of 51 Anime / Cosplay Meetings in Athens and Thessaloniki.

  Co-organization of a convention.

  Occasional coverage of Conventions abroad

  Dozens of solo / team Cosplay photoshoots

 Writing articles and columns about Cosplay in websites and online magazines

 6500+ news posts during the last 10 years on our network’s media platforms featuring and promoting the latest happenings around Greek Cosplay.

  Effective maximum mass promotion of all Cosplay events in Athens and Thessaloniki through all our media with news on our social media, mass posts, mass invitations of people to Facebook Events, full event coverage with 110.000+ photos and 700+ videos, tags and much more.

Τhe opening of our website, corelates to passing another big milestone and at the same time signifies our turn exclusively online, setting off, after almost 14 years, a permanent pause in anything related to the organization of events and photoshoots, event coverage and our physical presence and the things we provide during events. It’s self evident, that the ever increasing never ending sacrifices, money and time required, along with the expansion of our online workload, make it impossible to keep doing everything.



Did you get dizzy with so many things? Now imagine us who had to do all those things! Also, we wouldn’t obviously forget to thank:

  Everyone who contributed in one way or another to the dissemination and completion of our work all this time, and subsequently of Greek Cosplay itself, and who supported us directly or indirectly in any possible way. Either with likes, shares and uploads ( without cropping & neglecting credits ) of our coverage. Either by participating in our events and photoshoots. Either with their support and participation in our network’s media. Either by helping and contributing to our own work at events in multiple ways or as partners. Either by contributing their material to the community’s archives we maintain. Either on our networks’ graphic design. Or in any way in general. And of course all our team’s older members even more for their contributions.

  The very large number of organizers with which we cooperated all those years and who gave us their absolute confidence to carry out all those things we already mentioned above, which we know how to do best, with completeness and professionalism during each event. Respectively we want to thank all organizers who made our work easier by providing the appropriate space at their events, so that we could provide much more to all Cosplayers present.

  Our sponsors who made our transition to events easier in recent years and who provided us with various prizes for our giveaways.

Of course there might be things we are forgetting. After all, the years are too many and memory unfortunately has its limits. Among the things we are forgetting are naturally all those who stood and stand against us, who received and did not appreciate, and generally those who remain unworthy of reference thanks to their behavior. We choose, as always, not to waste any time all these years with nonsense, while having permanently real work to do and gigantic amounts of work directed the community to show off.



The right to participate in the giveaway is solely limited to residents of Greece which are members of our strictly Greek Facebook online community “Cosplayers//GR – The Greek Cosplay Community”. With that in mind it can only be accessed through the website’s Greek language option.



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