29 Cosplayers joined forces for the biggest Greek Cosplay music video clip! Watch it!

Grace Kids Entertainment and The Partyheroes joined forces and sing, dance and give rhythm to your parties in a special Cosplay music video!


Grace Kids Entertainment and The Partyheroes, having combined our favorite hobby with their profession, making the dreams of young children come true, joined forces giving us the most wholesome Greek Cosplay music video clip! 29 Cosplayers from both participate, as well as members of the Cosplay Corp team! Watch the joyful video below and if you want your children to have an unforgettable experience in Greece ( birthday, celebration and much more ), contact them!


Don’t Stop Dancing, however, isn’t the only Greek Cosplay music video by Grace Kids Entertainment! Check out her three previous Greek music covers themed around Disney princesses!
Let it Go – Frozen

Into the Unknown – Frozen 2

Someday my Prince will come – Snow White
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