Check out the live action promo by Masterpolypragmon Studios for the comic “Futuristic Gypsy”!

Check the live action promo video created by Masterpolypragmon Studios for the comic “Futuristic Gypsy”!


Masterpolypragmon Studios completed another big commission of one of its clients from the USA, bringing the comic Futuristic Gypsy by Oliver Allen and Natalia Nova to life! Check out Esmeralda as the main character of the live action promo  video it created! Joanna Cosplay participating as Esmeralda! Photos by See Fate Photography!


Το Masterpolypragmon Studios states:

Masterpolypragmon Studios‘s international clientele is growing day by day, with sponsorships that offer jobs to the cosplay scene, and which increase the credibility of the global audience towards Greece! This time, the studio set out to bring the comic Futuristic Gypsy to life, originating from America. A dynamic heroine armed with her gun, her motorcycle and her creativity, fighting zombies in a world full of fantasy. Watch the first promo video!

It’s well known that the studio constantly undertakes new projects and is famous the way it’s always bringing the vision of each of its client to life, with an abundance of excellent reviews on its jobs from all over the world. If you want to apply for consideration of future projects, follow it on its pages.

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