Korinthos Cosplay! The super Cosplay Parties & Shoots organizer of Korinthos, Greece, with activities in Athens too! We talk about everything!

The one and only Cosplay event organizer of Korinthos talks to us about its events in the city, its activities at events in Athens and much more!


Korinthos Cosplay! Korinthos in Greece has its own Cosplay event organizer! From 2015 until today, it organizes its own events in Korinthos, but is also active in Athens, being in charge of Cosplay activities in collaborating events!

Starting on September 19, 2015, it organized its first Cosplay party in Korinthos, right after the first outdoor Cosplay photoshoot and Cosplay parade of the city! Their theme being Comics, Videogames & Anime! It returns again one year later with the second Cosplay party, photoshoot and parade of the city, followed by a temporary halt in the group’s activities in Korinthos.

From April 1, 2016 until today, it undertakes the execution of Cosplay activities within collaborating events in Athens as well! The Nostalgic Effect Party, Hobby Fair Play and Vintage Toys 2016, 2018 & 2019, with even more events to come in the future! Those activities include a Cosplay Contest and the audience giveaways, also present at the team’s events in Korinthos respectively!

It also attended the first Cretan Comic Con in Heraklion, Crete, taking on the role of a member of the Cosplay Contest’s jury!

Let’s talk with Lazaros Koriatopoulos, founder of Korinthos Cosplay, about everything!

Cosplay Korinthos 2015 – Photo by George Protopappas

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1) Tell us a few words about your team, its history and activities! When and how did the team start organizing events? What led you to organizing events? Why did you choose Korinthos for your events? What type of events are they and what themes are they about? Are those themes based on the organizers’ personal interests, and if so, when did you start taking an interest in each of them?

Korinthos Cosplay was founded in 2015. We are the first Cosplay community in Korinthos and throughout the prefecture of Korinthos in general. But at the same time we the second ones to appear in the Peloponnese province. The first Cosplay community in the Peloponnese province goes to Kalamata, which organized a Cosplay event there, a few years earlier, in 2011 ( by Kuroi Hana ). The reason we’ve chosen Korinthos was and is the following. Since Cosplay events were taking place  all over the country, why not try organizing such an event in our city too, something that would be completely new for the city’s residents which they had never seen before? And so it happened. People came, they liked it a lot, they enjoyed it. And of course we met Korinthos’ Cosplayers who made their appearance. But not only Korinthos’ Cosplayers were present, but also Cosplayers from Athens and Volos. The 1st Cosplay Korinthos took place in 2015 and the 2nd Cosplay Korinthos in 2016. All the events we organized or participated at in Korinthos, Athens and Crete, are related to Cosplay. Cosplay events with a general theme, but also with specific themes.

Cosplay Korinthos 2016 – Photo by Corinthia Out

2) How much effort, time and money does it usually take to set up an event? What is the usual preparation plan that you follow?

Lots of effort, time and money daily. Having to invest all your day’s free time to go out on the spot to find sponsors as soon as you finish from work. You’ll definitely have to spend money out of your pocket, because you may have miscalculated something and at that moment you won’t be able to do otherwise. As for the preparation plan, we find the venue, then we look for sponsors and then we set a date for the event.

Cosplay Korinthos 2015 – Photo by George Protopappas

3) How did you feel during your first event and how after its end? Describe this experience to us.

Naturally there was a lot of stress throughout the event. But I was very happy the event went very well and people liked it too. It’s really a very beautiful experience to be happy that your event went very well and people enjoyed it.

Cosplay Korinthos 2016 – Photo by Corinthia Out

4) What was the most difficult event you organized until now? What defines it as such?

I don’t remember any of the events being difficult to organize, to tell you the truth. Of course, all events had and still have their own different, but pleasant, fatigue that results from organizing them.

Cosplay Korinthos 2015 – Photos by George Protopappas

5) Are you satisfied with the people’s response to your events all those years, as well as with the number of Cosplays attending?

Yes and no. There have been some events where people’s response was reduced, but the response from Cosplayers even more so. I know, no one is required to attend any event. But there’s no excuse after the end of each event for any Cosplayer to say that he didn’t attend, because there was an entrance fee. While in fact it was announced everywhere that the entry for Cosplayers would be free. That’s pure nonsense and twaddle.

General Footage and Interviews of Cosplay Korinthos 2016 – Video by eKorinthos.gr

6) What’s your opinion, in proportion to Greece’s size, about the size and level of the audience of the scene, towards which your events are addressed, as well as about the size and level of Greek Cosplays?

Personally, I think all Greeks should know at least what a Cosplay event and Cosplay in general are, even if they don’t know exactly what they mean. There are still a lot of people who don’t have the slightest idea about Cosplay. Cosplay was late arriving in Greece, in 2006, when it appeared in our country.

Cosplay Korinthos 2016 – Photo by Corinthia Out

7) Why did you decide to include Cosplay among your events’ themes from the beginning? What more do you think the presence of Cosplay provides to your events?

Because it’s something creative, something new for everyone. A new experience. And for some a new engagement, a new hobby.

Cosplay Korinthos 2015 – Photo by George Protopappas

8) What can one find related to Cosplay at your events? Do you think they are sufficient or is there something more that you would like to provide at your events regarding Cosplay?

The Cosplay events and activities provided at all of our events are Cosplay photoshoots, the Cosplay contests with a prize, and at some events with a cash prize, as well as the Cosplay parade. We don’t consider them sufficient, however. There are still things that will happen in due course in the future, once everything is right.

Cosplay Korinthos 2016 – Photo by Corinthia Out

9) What led to the halt of the team’s activities in Korinthos after your last event in the city in 2016?

The halt of activities in Korinthos was purely a matter of health, a little serious one. But thank God, everything went well in the end.

Cosplay Korinthos 2015 – Photo by George Protopappas

10) You have occasionally collaborated with some event organizers in Athens, being in charge of the provided Cosplay activities within them. Specifically with The Nostalgic Effect Party, Hobby Fair Play, Cretan Comic Con and Vintage Toys 2016, 2018 & 2019. How did these collaborations come to be and what were the provided Cosplay activities by your team at each of them?

Thanks goes to all those specific big events that invited me and happily asked me to be in charge of their provided Cosplay activities. I should mention that they contacted me on their own, and asked me to organize the Cosplay activities during their events. These activities are the ones mentioned above. The exception being Cretan Comic Con, where we weren’t in charge of any Cosplay activities, but where Korinthos Cosplay was a member of the Cosplay Contest’s jury. I’m naturally open again to any future proposals at the same events, but anywhere else too.

Cosplays, Outdoor Photoshoot & Parade at Cosplay Korinthos 2015 – Video by Cosplayers//GR

11) What can we expect from your team at your own events in the future, but also at events by others, where you are in charge of various Cosplay activities? Is there a long term goal or personal dream that you want to achieve through your events and participations?

There’s a lot. As I mentioned before, Korinthos Cosplay is open for any future collaboration proposals from all events it has attended, but also from anywhere else. Clearly Korinthos Cosplay will also return to Korinthos again. You will therefore see Cosplay Korinthos 3, 4, 5 etc happen, but all in time. Without unnecessary haste, so that everything will be done in the best way as possible. At the next Cosplay Korinthos there will also be buses available that will transport cosplayers from Athens to Korinthos, and after each event, back to Athens, free of charge for all cosplayers. That’s all for the time being, since if we mention everything now, there won’t be anything left to surprise you with.

Cosplay Korinthos 2016 – Photo by Corinthia Out

12) Is there any important or funny experience that happened during your events that you will never forget?

A funny experience? Hmmm … It happened during the Cosplay Contest at a Cosplay event. We had the audience choose the best costume and decide on the winner. I remember some people who didn’t win say that the contest was set up. How can the contest be set up when the public decides who will be the winner? While some others who placed third in the contest, went home crying, because they got third place and not first place. How can such things happen? But they do.

It also sometimes happened, literally by accident, that some events at which we were in charge of the provided Cosplay activities coincided on the same time and date with other events in other areas, leading some to say that we deliberately set the time and date the same as theirs, so that Cosplayers wouldn’t visit them.

In addition, after completing our activities as part of some big events we attended, it was mentioned by some people, who gave Korinthos Cosplay the right to organize all those internal events. And various other unacceptable things such as that the country bumpkins from Korinthos act and think as if they are all that. We are from Korinthos, and it’s our honor being from Korinthos. But we aren’t and never were country bumpkins. But whenever some of you Cosplayers asked for help from Korinthos Cosplay, we helped you and you thanked us by turning your back on us, without us being to blame for anything of having done anything to you. The fact that we are permanent residents of Korinthos doesn’t mean that we don’t learn what you say about us behind our backs. It’s just that you spoke to people you shouldn’t have and in turn they conveyed everything to us, nice and easy.

Cosplay Korinthos 2015 – Photo by George Protopappas

13) Is there anything last you would like to share with our readers?

For the latest news about Korinthos Cosplay in general, and more, you’ll be learning everything on time through our Facebook page, and of course through Cosplayers//GR. I want to say a big thank you to Cosplayers//GR which hasn’t stopped supporting Korinthos Cosplay and its events in general, from 2015 until today. And I’m obviously not forgetting all those who have helped Korinthos Cosplay, some less, some more, each in his own way. It’s the move that counts.

Cosplay Korinthos 2016 – Photo by Corinthia Out


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