The Partyheroes! Their job being to bring joy to kids! We talk with Spider-Man & his friends!

The Partyheroes bring children’s heroes to life, even at your home! They talk to us about Cosplay, their profession, the themed children’s parties they organize in Athens, Greece and their philanthropic activities!


Combining “Cosplay” and “profession“, Τhe Partyheroes brings with their unique themed children’s parties in Athens, Greece, the children’s favorite heroes to their home! Their theme, Marvel, DC, Disney and videogames heroes!

Starting its activities in 2013 , it emphasizes detail, quality and fidelity, while incorporating the special kinesiology of each hero in its repertoire! However, it’s not limited only to the professional faithful embodiment of the characters, but also includes philanthropic work among  its activities, which started earlier, before the official establishment of the team! Since 2011, the team’s founder collaborates voluntarily with Make-a-Wish Greece until today, for the fulfillment of children’s wishes, while his appearance in multiple magazines and articles as a Cosplayer is something commonplace!

Let’s talk with Stavros “Spidey Svr” Vlahakis, founder of The Partyheroes, about everything around the team!

Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Storm, Lara Croft & Tinker Bell – Photo by The Partyheroes

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1) Tell us a few words about your team! What do we need to know about you? How many and which members does it include? What led to the formation of your team?

The Partyheroes team was formed around 8 years ago, with the aim of staffing a set of heroes and characters who would be able to offer joy, fun and entertainment in general to our little friends through a set of performances, as realistic as possible.

An important motivation for anyone who participated or is participating in the team is the creation of beautiful photographic and video material, through which a cosplayer or a number of cosplayers expresses themselves.

Our main character is my favorite, Spider-Man, with whom the whole idea came to be, with other characters being added along the way. So we reached the point of including characters – cosplayers like Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Supergirl, Black Cat, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Power Ranger ( Red ), Aladdin, Jasmine, Belle, Pocahontas and Snow White. The other characters ( besides Spidey ) are being embodied by friends of mine for the needs of a photoshoot or appearance, who got to know about activities and art of cosplay thanks to me and really got to feel the strong emotions it creates in you.

Black Cat, Lara Croft, Supergirl, Spider-Man, Tinker Bell & Peter Pan – Photo by The Partyheroes

2) When and how did you get started with Cosplay and what got you into it?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved Spider-Man and dreamed of being able to make my own costume one day that would be realistic and not a carnival costume. So, shortly after high school, I started experimenting with fabric printing with sublimation inks, with puff paint and trying to sew the uniform correctly basing it on myself. Fortunately, I had an experienced theatrical costume designer besides me for many years, who helped me a lot during my first steps and who was eagerly by my side. So, I made my first two suits entirely, reaching a pretty satisfying result. In the years that followed, especially for my favorite hero, it was easier to buy a costume by that time and process it and adjust different areas on you, so that the result would represent you.

Belle, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Alladin, Erza, Snow White & Tinker Bell – Photo by The Partyheroes

3) What kind of characters, sources or types of Cosplays do you choose for your Cosplays? Are these choices based on personal interests, and if so, when did you start getting interested in them before the team’s formation?

93% of the characters I’ve done are Spider-Man and his various versions depending on the movies that were shown on cinema. I’m not a cosplayer who does a lot of characters. I belong to the category of those who have identified themselves with a certain character and deal with his best possible roleplaying. I admire and observe all cosplayers who have a huge number of costumes in their portfolio and continue to work tirelessly to build new ones with passion and dedication.

Black Cat, Spider-Man, Lara Croft & Supergirl – Photo by The Partyheroes

4) Which of your characters do you think are the most popular? Which characters do you want to do in the future?

I don’t know whenever one of my appearances as my favorite character is popular, but the thing I want to say ( something that many people know ) is that if you love what you do and get into its role, it will be popular first of all inside your soul and that will be visible to others too. As for the future … hmm … I’m generally touched by superheroes, so I would say that now that we’re growing up slowly, Batman would be a nice challenge. But the spider’s venom is still flowing inside me, so it’s too early …

Outdoor themed children’s party – Photo by The Partyheroes

5) How much effort, time and money does it usually take to create a Cosplay? What is the most common plan and methods you use to create a Cosplay? What do you think about ready-made Cosplays? Are they part of your ensemble as well?

As I mentioned above, to capture the essence of my favorite hero, a ready-made cosplay is inevitable, of course with the appropriate adaptations made to face shells, lenses, shoes, web shooters, etc. In the beginning, my most difficult experience was creating the Amazing Spider-Man’s costume from the first movie, which took 6 months of puff painting the whole costume. Due to our team though, I’ve made costumes of other characters that were worn either by me ( Peter Pan, Aladdin ) or by my friends and which were full custom handmade like Supergirl, Tinker Bell, Lara Croft, Black Cat and Jasmine.

In terms of money, I think it’s a tale you shouldn’t touch. If you enter the dance you’ll have to dance and you’ll give out more than you expected. But since you like it, you get it back through the result and emotions. The procedure? Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics … sewing, props etc.

Fulfillment of children’s wishes in cooperation with Make-a-Wish Greece – Photos by Make-a-Wish Greece

6) You offer your services upon payment where requested. What themes and what kind of events do you usually deal with? Do you consider your involvement with Cosplay a hobby or something more serious? How does that define the way you present your work?

Children’s parties are something very creative and fun for us. Whenever we make an appearance, we tend to provide services of a high standard that focus on performance, creative work and the pleasant mood at the party. The truth is that due to my other activities, namely the maintenance of my creative office but also the training of beach volleyball athletes, I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would like to cosplay. In the past I used to do it easier. Now I do it as much as I can, so that it fulfills me and keeps my childhood alive inside me. Of course this happens to please our little friends a lot of times too and so I fulfills me twice as much. I never forget that as a child I also had the same dream. To meet one of my favorite heroes …

I want my work to be presented in the most realistic way possible, with digital material that “speaks for itself” … I avoid presenting something that’s on my mind quickly and casually.

Themed children’s parties – Photos by The Partyheroes

7) You have collaborated several times with Make-A-Wish Greece for the fulfillment of children’s wishes. Tell us about these cases. How did they come about? What is the response you receive from the children you visit?

Make-A-Wish Greece acts for me as a family. That’s how the the organisation works in general. I was invited to join them during my first steps and since then I have developed a unique relationship with them. Should I mention the purpose, the work, the people, their energy, their disposition? I’ve been working with them voluntarily for over 10 years and I can say that it’s one of the best experiences of my life. First of all, because with this contribution on your side you give great joy to children who really need it, while at the same time you realize what a “problem” means, what a smile’s meaning is, what the value of a teddy bear inside a hug is and how much power a child can have while living the same life we do being weak at simple things in every day life. Once a child has wished to meet Spider-Man, there is no greater responsibility than to make it happen as realistic and magical as possible!

Video of the fulfillment of a child’s wish in cooperation with Make-a-Wish Greece – Video by Make-a-Wish Greece

8) How did you feel the first time you appeared in public wearing Cosplays? Describe your experience to us.

My first experience of a public appearance was during a wish by Make-A-Wish Greece! Just after creating my first costume. I’ll never forget it! I was telling myself that my little friend has to believe that I’m the real one!!! You can imagine how precisely I was doing all my moves and how overly theatrical I was … This led to my first fall in front of 10 people because the little one asked me to do a big wide jump again that he liked, but the second time I had to land on a polished parquet which I hadn’t noticed. So you can imagine how my landing went. The father slowly exclaimed “There goes Spider-Maaaan”…

Volleyball Tournament and και Wedding Reception – Photos by The Partyheroes

9) Do you think that Cosplay as a subject will continue to be part of your daily life for a long time? If so, what are your plans for the future, personally and professionally, in this area that you have not yet been able to implement? Is there a long term goal or personal dream that you want to achieve related to it?

I wouldn’t say that I have any specific plans in this field! I act according to the seasons, my mood and my goals! The important thing is to have fun and relax through it, which is why I have protected this activity in a way that I’m not financially dependent on it and always continue to be the one who makes my final decisions. Maybe one night I’ll become Batman and start crafting the project. It’s enough for me and it pleases me when they tell me that they identify me as Spidey many times. It’s a fulfilled personal goal that “nourishes” me mentally.

Themed children’s party – Photos by The Partyheroes

10) Do you think that roleplaying is a key part of a Cosplayer or do you consider it practically inapplicable? Is it part of your work?

In my case, I consider roleplaying more important than the costume itself! In other people’s cases the percentage differs. The point is to be wearing a costume and not the costume to be wearing you. The easiest way is to have money to spend on buying a uniform. This doesn’t transform you into a character … The corresponding role requires studying and fidelity.

Fulfillment of children’s wishes in cooperation with Make-a-Wish Greece – Photos by The Partyheroes

11) Is there any important or funny experience you experienced during your time in the Cosplay scene that you will never forget? What has Cosplay offered you so far?

I could think of endless funny moments! I don’t know which one to choose … Let’s talk about one of my first appearances at a party, where our team’s “cake thief” appeared. He stole the cake and the party had to be saved. So, after a ten minute fighting choreography with him, my pulse has risen so much that my body was looking for more oxygen through the suit and face shell and you can imagine that I was on fire in there … I thought of a nice excuse and ran out for 3 minutes to take off the mask and come back later. But the experience that I’ll never forget, is being awarded as a debutant ( in the ready-made costume category ) at GameAthlon Winter 2019. It was something I prepared the day before, but the important thing is that I expressed myself through my hero on the impressive stage of that convention.

Cosplay has given me the opportunity to act as Spider-Man on the street from a young age and without everyone saying “there’s a crazy one”. It justifies my own madness and it’s the art form through which me and many cosplayers express ourselves!

Themed children’s parties – Photos by The Partyheroes

12) What is the first thing you would say to someone who wants to get into Cosplay, either seriously or not? Do you think it’s easy to get started?

What I would advise him is related more to the part of acting as a hero. Meaning, after completing his costume, he should study the character and get to experience the completion twice, through crafting, but also through roleplaying. I believe that if you love what you are doing, you don’t see the difficulties and obstacles along the way, and after a while, after you complete it, you ask yourself “well … where did I find the patience and endurance to make this?”. I admire many people in our country who carry out very difficult projects in terms of costume crafting, and present them to us at conventions or through social media. It’s a nice thing to “play” with a costume!

Themed children’s parties – Photos by The Partyheroes

13) Is there anything last you would like to share with our readers?

I want to wish everyone health, patience, to filter everything we hear around us, to cultivate critical thinking for our own spiritual clarity and not to lose our creativity! We live in times where that is being fought against as well as the means that implement it.

Fulfillment of a child’s wish in cooperation with Make-a-Wish Greece – Photos by Make-a-Wish Greece

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