[Updated] 235+ Cosplays! All photos & videos of the big Comicdom Con Athens 2022 in one article ( 10 videos & 1193 photos )!

Comicdom Con Athens 2022, the big comics convention in Athens, Greece is over! Watch 10 videos & 1193 photos from various sources, including 235+ Cosplays!


The 16th event of the big comics convention of Athens, Greece, Comicdom Con Athens, took place on April 15-17, at the Hellenic American Union ( international exhibitions, panels, workshops and events  ) and Klafthmonos Square ( bazaar, το artists alley and self-publishers alley  ), combining due to existing conditions for the second time, the use of indoor and outdoor spaces! Details for this year’s event can be found HERE!

As expected, a big amount of coverage couldn’t be missing! Check 10 videos & 1193 photos from the event by various sources, including 235+ Cosplays!

Cosplay Contest Pre-Judging – Photos by SpirosK Photography

Cosplay Contest – Photos by SpirosK Photography

Beidou ( Genshin Impact ) – Photos by SpirosK Photography

76 Cosplays – Photos by Fotogames Specialists

75 Cosplays & Event – Photos by See Fate Photography

64 Cosplays & Cosplay Contest – Photos by Greek Otaku Radio

37 Cosplays & Event – Photos by InCludints

3 Cosplays – Photos by InCludints

14 Cosplays – Photos by Photoartum

45 Cosplays – Photos by Masterpolypragmon Studios

40 Cosplays & Event – Photos by Elentin

9 Cosplays – Photos by Theo Cosplay

20 Cosplays – Photos by Theo Cosplay

Cosplay Contest – Video by Cosplayers//GR ( Thanos Stefosis  )
Cosplayers at the show Savatokiriako me ton Manesi – Video by Alpha
My Hero Academia Voice Actors Panel – Video by Cosplayers//GR ( Thanos Stefosis )
Cosplays – Video by Proto Thema
Star Wars Battle – Video by InCludints

Katara Waterbending – Video by InCludints

Event & Cosplay Contest – Video by Elentin
Event – Video by Spoiler Alert
Event – Video by MicMix
Event – Video by WandeReD
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