[Updated] Conventions in Greece only for the vaccinated !? Comicdom Con Athens 2021 & the return of eGaming at TIF !?

The new measures going into effect on September 1 for trade fairs in Greece, the announcement of Comicdom Con Athens 2021 and the scheduled return of eGaming at Thessaloniki’s International Fair!


The return of trade fairs ( conventions, festivals, etc. ) in Greece was officially announced on July 14 by the Greek Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, during his visit to the special defense industry exhibition DEFEA – Defence Exhibition Athens, which was hosted at the exhibition center Metropolitan Expo!

The Minister stated that: “Greece, observing all health protocols and without endangering public health, opens the exhibition branch from September 1 for the vaccinated, so that the economy and business life can proceed in health and safety. We are fully prepared and confident in the success of this opening and we will do very well!

What does this mean? Simply put, conventions return on September 1, with only fully vaccinated people allowed indoors, upon presentation of the corresponding vaccination certificate they receive after completing the Covid-19 vaccination process!

Τι ισχύει για ανήλικους; Προς το παρόν, εκτός αν αλλάξει κάτι, στους κλειστούς χώρους η είσοδος τους επιτρέπεται με την επίδειξη υπεύθυνης δήλωσης αρνητικού self-test υπογεγραμμένης από τους γονείς τους έως και 24 ώρες πριν την έλευσή τους.

What about minors? At the moment, unless something changes, they are allowed indoors by presenting a negative self-test statement signed by their parents up to 24 hours before their arrival.

Given that only 11% of 18-24 year olds, 22% of 25-29 year olds and 34% of 30-34 year olds had been fully vaccinated in Greece up to two weeks ago, questions arise how much these rates will have increased by September and what effect this will have on the presence of Cosplayers in possible conventions that take place exclusively indoors, but also on those that are mainly dependant on young ones and young adults as an audience!


It didn’t take long for the announcement of the first Convention of the post-covid-19 era! The 15th event of the big comics convention of Athens, Greece, Comicdom Con Athens, will take place on September 10-12, combining due to existing conditions for the first time, the use of indoor and outdoor spaces!

Τhe Hellenic American Union will host the event’s international exhibitions, while at the same time panels, workshops and events will take place in the theater! At Klafthmonos Square, one will be able to find the Bazaar, the Artists Alley and the Self-Publishers Alley!

For more information about Comicdom Con Athens, take a look at all of its previous events that included Cosplays, along with hundreds of photos, videos, lists of Cosplays present and information about all of them, HERE!

Details for this year’s event can be found, as soon as they are announced, on the event’s website, HERE!


The huge Thessaloniki International Fair returns this year in Thessaloniki, Greece, after last year’s absence, having been scheduled to take place on September 11-19, 2021!
After years of absence, for the first time since 2017, eGaming, the biggest Gaming event in northern Greece, is scheduled to be held again this year by CowboyTV within the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair, during the same time period it takes place!
We are waiting for more information, as well as the official announcement! More information about eGaming can be found by taking a look at the dozens of events organized by CowboyTV or more specifically at the last eGaming 2017, where you will naturally find hundreds of photos, videos, lists of Cosplays present and information about all of them!


All of the above raise the question of whether we will see other conventions in Greece during 2021, which are related to Cosplays! Considering the usual dates of the other related events, but also the huge workload and preparation time required by some of them, the possibility is slim, but we can’t know for sure!
A role of varying degree, depending on each event’s requirements, will play the fact whether each event is willing to take the risk of doing something that will give access to a reduced number of visitors, meaning only to fully vaccinated, which will probably account to over 60 % of the Greek population by then!
We will keep you updated on any further news on Cosplayers//GR, while at the same time you can check the, always updated, schedule of all upcoming annual events,HERE!
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