UP! eGaming 2021! 100 PHOTOS & 4K/60fps VIDEO of yesterday’s COSPLAY CONTEST & COSPLAY PARADE!

Ready! Check 100 photos and the 4K/60fps video , by Cosplayers//GR! Yesterday’s Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Parade and content at eGaming 2021, the big gaming event in Thessaloniki, Greece!


The huge esports & gaming convention of northern Greece, eGAMING 2021, is finally over, returning after 4 years and taking place on 11-19 September 2021, at hangar 17 of the 85th Thessaloniki International Fair, by TIF / Ηelexpo, CowboyTV and IGN Greece, under the auspices and support of the Ministry of Digital Governance and powered by Γερμανός!

Check out the event’s huge 4Κ/60fps VIDEO at our channel and 100 PHOTOS in Cosplayers//GR‘s Facebook album, including all the EVENT’S CONTENT, yesterday’s big COSPLAY CONTEST and COSPLAY PARADE and 10 COSPLAYS!

eGaming 2021 – Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Parade & Event Content – Video by Cosplayers//GR

eGaming 2021 – Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Parade & Event Content – 100 Photos by Cosplayers//GR


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